The Standard Valve Set is an inexpensive option and includes one (1) adjustable and one (1) non-adjustable ½” angle valve.(1 – FF16WAC / 1 – FF16LAC) They are chrome body valves with white handles and are available in angle pattern only. Most commonly used with the INT and the COS models but work on all of our Towel Warmers. The Standard Valve Set
The Modern Valve Set The Modern Valve Set is available in angle and straight pattern. Straight valves are normally used when the pipes come from the floor instead of the wall- V16S “Straight” or V16A “Angle”. These valves are available in finishes to match your towel warmer.
The Cross Handle Decorative Valve Set is a great match for our European Tradition Collection. The set includes two (2) Cross Handle valves CHV16. The Cross Handle valves are only available in an angle pattern and may be matched with your Towel Warmer finish. The Cross Handle Decorative Valve Set