The COLUMN Series radiators have a traditional design appearance giving modern characteristics to architectural period designs. This series of radiators is the first choice for architects and interior designers where period restoration integrity is required.

These radiators present the look and feel of "old fashioned cast iron" while offering the efficiency and ease of installation necessary in a modern environment.

Product Details

COLUMN RADIATORS are made of precision D-profile steel tubes in accordance with EN 442. A unique laser welding process eliminates visible welding points and enhances the structural integrity of connected sections and the aesthetic quality of each radiator.

Each COLUMN RADIATOR is supplied with wall mounting brackets, a blind plug and a manual vent plug. Optional floor mounting stand kits are available.

Standard Connections:

4 x internal thread G 1/2“ BSP, welded-in for supply and return.
Maximum positive operating pressure: 145 psi
Maximum operating temperature: 248° F
2 - COLUMN: Standard Heights: 18, 24, & 79 inches (45, 60, & 200 cm)
3 - COLUMN: Standard Heights: 12, 18, & 24 inches (30, 45, & 60 cm)
4 - COLUMN: Standard Height: 24 inches (60 cm)

• Additional sizes and models are available as special order


  1. Undercoat: electrophoretic, using water-soluble paints, conforming to DIN 55900 part 1, baked at 374° F;
  2. (On request, and at 3. supplementary charge, a range of RAL colors can be off ered. RAL 9016 white is standard.) This coat is baked at a temperature of 410° F.