Radiator Valves

Now you can control temperatures room by room!

Myson TRV II Radiator Valves provide a cost-effective method of achieving better energy efficiency by allowing you to control temperatures in your house, room by room. Choose the precise temperature you want in each room and the Myson TRV II automatically maintains it. It’s quick and easy to have the Myson TRV II installed: there’s no complicated plumbing and the cost is amazingly small compared to the savings you’ll see in your heating bills year after year.

TRV II Valve

This is how Myson’s unique TRV II Valve works:

  • Each TRV II has a sensor element which consists of a liquid-filled capsule with an immersed bellows and push rod;
  • As the ambient temperature rises, the liquid in the sensor’s metal capsule expands and compresses the bellows, causing the integral push rod to close the valve;
  • As the room’s ambient temperature drops, the liquid in the capsule contracts, allowing the bellows to retract the push rod to open the valve.

Added Benefit:
Another special feature of the TRV II is its two integral locking pins, allowing you to lock the temperature at one setting or limit it to a specific range of temperatures.

Comfort, safety & durability

The Myson TRV II:

  • Controls the level of heat in individual rooms, much like a zone valve;
  • Automatically shuts off when the need for heat is satisfied;
  • Has a locking or limited range adjustment to prevent tampering;
  • Provides optimum comfort while reducing energy waste and heating costs.

Technical Data:

  • For Hot Water Systems Only
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 145 psi
  • Maximum Water Temperature 248°F
  • Conforms to ISO 9002
  • Liquid-Filled Sensor Element
  • Time Constant: 26 min
  • Hysteresis <2°F
  • Setting Ambient Range 46°F to 83°F
  • Normal Setting 68°F
  • Frost Setting 46°F
  • Maximum Differential Pressure 8 psi

The Myson TRV II Valve incorporates a notched economy position (set at 68°F) which gives a warning when the valve is turned to higher temperatures.

Myson Fullflow Range Valves

The MYSON Fullflow Heavyweight Valve is a high performance valve for providing on/off control. The non-rising spindle mechanism uses a double O-ring seal capable of withstanding 145 psi at 245°F in either the full open or closed position. Because the applications to which the FullFlow is suited have higher operational demands, the mechanism has been ingeniously designed to allow maintenance while in service. The spindle may be removed for servicing while the plunger remains securely sealed, preventing sudden escapes of system water.

The FullFlow handwheel and lockshield cover are manufactured in high quality ABS and are screw-fixed to the valve spindle. The handwheel has a smooth appearance and easy-to-clean surface.

  • Maximum operating pressure 145 psi
  • Maximum water temperature 248°F
  • Conforms to ISO-9002
  • Available in high quality polished chrome finish.
  • One valve for copper compression or iron pipe threads
  • Double O-ring seal and non-rising spindle
  • O-ring seal on union guarantees water tight seal
  • Copper compression or female pipe thread inlet
  • Outlet is 1/2" male BSPT
  • All valves are shipped with the base tapped for nominal 1/2" threads and with a matching compression nut and ferrule.

Lockshield Body for Two-Pipe Heating Systems

Myson offers two adjustable valve bodies for Two-Pipe Heating Systems: Vertical Angle and Straight Body

  • Stamped Brass, Nickel Plated
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 145 psi
  • Maximum Water Temperature 248°F
  • Copper compression or female pipe thread inlet
  • Outlet is 1/2" male BSPT

To determine flow through the lockshield valves, choose the body style* and design pressure drop in psi. The chart below shows the Cv** factor for each style and valve setting. Use this equation to calculate flow:

*Each valve body is shipped in the closed position
**Cv=gpm@1 psi differential pressure

Remote Sensor

Myson’s Remote Sensor helps our valve do the job where a standard valve can’t.

Use our Remote Sensor when valve placement makes it difficult or impossible to sense air temperature correctly, such as when it must be placed behind furniture or curtains, or when the valve is in direct sunlight. The TRV II is set and responds exactly as a standard valve, except that a length of capillary tubing connects the SENSOR to the VALVE.

Remote Adjuster

Myson’s Remote Adjuster allows easy temperature control where manual access to the valve would be difficult. The Remote Adjuster can be wall-mounted anywhere from 6 to 15 feet away from the valve. The Remote Adjuster should be positioned where the air can continually pass freely over it.

Thermo-Electric Radiator Valves

Myson Thermo-Electric Radiator Valves may be used to accurately control room temperature via a room thermostat or central control (thermostat and transformer are not provided).

These Myson Valves may be positioned behind long curtains, in boxes or in direct sunlight without loss of performance. The room thermostat is positioned on the optimal point on the wall and can be used to control one or more Thermo-Electric Valves, giving equal temperature regulation throughout the control zone.

An integral indicator gives visual confirmation of whether the valve is open or closed.



Thermostatic Body for Two-Pipe Heating Systems

The engineering of the Myson TRV II Thermostatic Radiator Valve Body allows the valve to operate correctly at all differential pressures, in either flow direction, without loss of performance. The Thermostatic Valve Body, for Two-Pipe Heating Systems, is available in a Vertical Angle, Straight, and Horizontal Angle Body.


  • Nickel Plated, Stamped Brass Body
  • Maximum Water Temperature 248°F
  • Commissioning Cap - White
  • Copper compression or female pipe thread inlet
  • Outlet is 1/2" male BSPT

TRV II Flow Characteristics

Note: The valve opening is determined by the temperature difference between the sensor (room temperature) and the setpoint on the valve. Typical design calls for a 4°F setpoint difference, i.e. when the room temperature at the sensor is 64°F and the TRVII is set at a control temperature of 68°F (the III setting), the flow through the valve can be determined by the 4°F Setpoint line shown in the figure above.

MYSON TRV valves maintain their quiet operation up to pressure drops of about 8 psi. To avoid water noise or chatter, good design practice suggests that design pressures be kept below this threshold.

H* fitted with 2TRV Head or 2TRV Head (Remote Sensor)
h* fitted with 2TRV ADJ Head (Remote Adjuster)