Technical Data


Contractor Series

Contractor Series Installation
Contractor Series Submittal


T6 IVC Installation
T6 IVC Radiator Side Connection Conversion
T6 Submittal


Décor VN Radiator Installation
Décor “2H” Baseboard Mounting
Décor Submittal


Column Submittal
Column Radiator Installation and Technical Guide


LST Submittal


Select Submittal

Miscellaneous Info

Myson Direct Fit Submittal Sheet
"H" Valve Piping
Radiator Component Guide
Radiator Valve Selection Guide



Comfort Fit 3 Layer O2 Barrier Submittal
PexCellent 5 Layer O2 Barrier Submittal
Comfort Fit Pex Install


Regulox Series Installation
Auto Flow Control Series (AFC) Installation
Actuator Submittal
Regulox Series Submittal
Auto Flow Control Series (AFC) Submittal



Fan Convectors


iVector Installation Guide
iVector MK2.0 FX Series Submittal

Whispa III Kickspace

Whispa III Installation Manual
Whispa III Kickspace Submittal
WHE50K Installation Manual
WHE50K Submittal

Hi / Lo Line

Hi Line Manual
Lo Line Manual
Hi Line Submittal
Lo Line Submittal

Whispa III RCU

Whispa III RCU Manual
Whispa III RCU Submittal

Whispa III Wall

Whispa III Wall Manual
Whispa III Wall Submittal

Miscellaneous Info

EZ Hose Kit Submittal

Towel Warmers


Electric TW Installation
EB24-1 Submittal
EB27-1 Submittal
EB29 Submittal
EB31-1 Submittal
EB34-1 Submittal
EB36-1 Submittal
EB49-1 Submittal
EVR1 Submittal
ECM Submittal
ECMH3-1 Submittal
ECMH3-2 Submittal
ECMH3-3 Submittal
ECMH3-7 Submittal
ERR Submittal
EMR750 Submittal
ECOCH Submittal
ECOSH Submittal
EINTH Submittal
WEO Submittal
ES40 Submittal


Hydronic TW Manual
B24-1 Submittal
B27-1 Submittal
B29 Submittal
B30-1 Submittal
B31-1 Submittal
B34-1 Submittal
B36-1 Submittal
B49-1 Submittal
COC Submittal
COS Submittal
INT Submittal
VR1 Submittal


Gem Wall Installation
Gem Floor Installation
Gem Hardwire Kit Instructions
Gem Series Submittal (2017 and earlier production)
Gem Series - DIAMOND Models
Gem Series - PEARL Models
Gem Series Submittal - RUBY Models
Gem Series Submittal Emerald & Sapphire Models

Miscellaneous Info

Hydronic TW Accessories
STO1C Timer Submittal
STO1C Instructions
Fan Motor Identification Guide
Discontinued Fan Convectors
Obsolete Fan Motors