MYSON DECOR series is a fully welded, steel panel, modern radiator designed for architectural appeal. The efficient rectangular flat panel water tubes arranged horizontally one above the other or vertically side by side, provide exceptional comfort while off ering stunning visual allure.

Product Details

DECOR horizontal radiators range from 2 to 11 tubes high and are available from 1 to 5 tubes in depth. Sandwiched between each layer are vertical convector channels for added heat output.

DECOR vertical radiators consist of tubes 1 or 2 layers deep arranged vertically with 6 to 10 tubes side-by-side. Both horizontal and vertical confi gurations have a 5/64” space between the heating tubes that guarantees additional resistance to corrosion.

DECOR horizontal radiators come with side panels and top grilles; DECOR vertical radiators come with side panels.

DECOR radiators are delivered with welded mounting brackets. (Except the 2H) All DECOR horizontal and vertical radiators are delivered with factory-sealed drain plugs and pivotable vent plugs.

Standard Connections:
2 x internal thread G 1/2"" BSP, welded-in for supply and return. Vent and drain plugs (or dummy plug) are factory sealed and are fi tted according to the customer’s specifi cations.

Maximum positive operating pressure: Standard design: 72 psi rectangular steel tubes, 23/4” x 7/16” x 16 ga.
Maximum positive operating pressure: High-pressure design: 116 psi rectangular steel tubes, 23/4” x 7/16” x 14 ga.
Maximum operating temperature: 230° F

Baseboard dimensions: 2H
Overall lengths: between 235/8 inches and 1181/8 inches Overall height: 59/16 inches (2 panels)

Horizontal radiator dimensions: 3H - 11H
Overall lengths: between 235/8 inches and 941/2 inches
Overall heights: between 87/16 inches (3 panels) and 311/8 inches (11 panels)

Vertical radiator dimensions: 5V - 10V Overall lengths of: 141/8, 1615/16, 225/8, and 281/4 inches Overall height: 783/4 inches

•Additional sizes and models are available as special order

  1. Undercoat: electrophoretic, using water-soluble paints, conforming to DIN 55900 part 1, baked at 329° F;
  2. Finish coat: electrostatic powder coating, conforming to DIN 55900 part 2. (On request, and at a supplementary charge, a range of RAL colors can be off ered. RAL 9016 white is standard.) This coat is baked at a temperature of 356° F.